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Hmm... why not shooting a crowded event using LV overhead using the A300/350.... Because of the titling LCD, there would be an advantage when taking landscape-orientation shots but not with portrait-orientation shots.
Well that is indeed you think about it. Whether it make sense to you or not.

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But nevertheless. the fast AF in LV is an advantage over most dslr, even though you won't get 100% view from the LCD during composition.
More to that. Try raise your hand and shot without IS. See how well you can get a good shot. I was in an event taking shots, crowded. The guy next to me was surprise I am able to raise my hand and take shots yet the pictures looks good enough. He approached me asked if my lens has IS/VR. I was about to explain, but, decided why bother. Just briefly told him about IS in-body but he seems confused.

Even with ladder, you may still end up raising your hand to take shots, if the people in front of you started all raising their hands or waving their banners.