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Thread: Bukit Timah Fire Station

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    Default Bukit Timah Fire Station

    The Bukit Timah Fire station is still there. During its heyday in the 60s, it was a landmark of sort. I remember as a young boy whenever travelling in my father's car towards Woodlands in the north, I would always look out for this fire station.

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    nice...taken during evening time? I pass by this place everytime I drive to my gf's house.

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    Default Bukit Timah fire Station

    It was taken around 5 pm. The surrounding area has seen many sprawling condos being developed. Maybe trying to take advantage of the nearby nature reserves. Even the Banyan Tree Spa Resort seems to have its HQ there. What I miss is the original Beauty World open air shopping and eating centre at the corner of old Jurong road. It's now just an open space and carparks. During our army days at Safti, we used to travel down just to eat the famous mutton soup and shopped around.

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    saturation abit too high imo


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