Have you guys experienced the situation where your cdrs get more and more unreadable over time? This problem is more pronounced in those cheap cdrs.

Therefore, the choice of a cheap and reliable cdr brand is getting more and more difficult, at least to me. I was previously using this "smart-buy" from SLS level 6 and it is reasonably reliable, and furthermore the cdr in the package is spoilt, you can return it for an exchange. However, the silver and the gold "smart-buy" cdrs are no longer in stock nowadays, and other versions of the smart-buy cdrs are far from reliable (for example the ones with the pictures of animals).

Do I have to resort to using disks that are around S$1 per piece now that there are no reliable and cheap disks available? If you have a cheap (<50c per pc) and reliable brand/type of cdr, pls help by recommending. Thanks in advance!