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Thread: Kenko 2X Teleconverter or Extenstion Tube?

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    Question Kenko 2X Teleconverter or Extenstion Tube?

    I am wondering what is the end result between the :-
    a) Kenko 2X Teleconverter vs
    b) Kenko Extension Tube.

    I am confused, please help. To my understanding a Teleconverter is to double up the focal length says: 100mm shall becomes 200mm but with loss of 2 stops of light.

    The Kenko Extender Tube (Hollow) is to add below lens and body (same as above) to bring the subject nearer to you specially for macro shooting. It will loss of 2 stops of light too.

    I have below pic to show the setup. Standard distance of 1 foot and shoot subject with & without Teleconverter. I can see that the subject is closer at almost double when I added the Teleconverter 2X.

    What about using Extension Tube? Any one have it so care to share this confusing matter for Newbies?

    #1 Setup at 1 foot distance between subject to Lens

    #2 Shoot subject with only 100mm Lens.

    #3 Shoot subject with Kenko 2X Teleconverter added btn Body & lens
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    Default Re: Kenko 2X Teleconverter or Extenstion Tube?

    With a teleconverter you minimum focusing distance is still the same, just that the image is enlarged.

    An extension tube allows you to get closer and nearer than the lens' minimum focussing distance thus giving you greater magnification. The effect with each lens would be different though but you can search the net for the different results.

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    Default Re: Kenko 2X Teleconverter or Extenstion Tube?

    The more obvious difference would be the distance to subject.

    With tubes u get a larger image of your subject on your sensor by being able to focus nearer. You can no longer focus to infinity as well I think.

    With teleconv u get a larger image of your subject at the same focusing distance, means u need to be more stable or use higher shutter. But quality of the teleconv becomes important as you're adding another piece of glass in between.

    Technically, with tubes there is no extra glass in between so nobody's going to complain about loss in IQ. Think teleconv works well if you're shooting skittish bugs like butterflies, and tubes for tiny ones like spiders.
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