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Thread: Bmx + dslr

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    Default Bmx + dslr

    You could really feel for the guy.

    i think he said,
    it's not scratched, just broken.
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    Default Re: Bmx + dslr

    wow..... 1 into 3 seperate pieces man... can use as xmas tree deco liao.

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    Default Re: Bmx + dslr

    That Pg song ...Steam sia !!!!!!!!!!! Dai chi dua diao...Heheheh
    Mee Poh Man. "I am kampong man"

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    Default Re: Bmx + dslr

    I laugh everytime I see that video.. hahaha

    Especially the bum part...

    Sean Burns FOR THE WIN..

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    Default Re: Bmx + dslr

    i feel for the photographer.... would really hurt me like mad....

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    Those 3 parts looks like it's just the body, lens and lens cap...


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