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Thread: How to charge - stock photo with perpetual rights

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    Default How to charge - stock photo with perpetual rights

    hi guys,

    Asking on behalf of my photographer friend - he has been approached to shoot one photo (rich co but claims to have 'low budget' for this shot) of their premises. Just one photo. No lights needed. Just photog and his camera. It would be used any way they want to, with perpetual rights to be given.

    He'd like to do this project to help his portfolio so don't mind a rate that's not high but he doesn't want to underquote either.

    Can anyone advise on what range of rates we should be looking at?

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    Default Re: How to charge - stock photo with perpetual rights

    Depends on
    - his experience/market value
    - what equipment he has; and hence what quality files he'll deliver
    - RAW or retouched; how much more time for this
    - total time he will spend on the job - get there, setup, go home, transport, etc.

    If it is really only 1 picture they are looking for - and no additional lights/setup is required. Then this is not a big job - and if he goes too high - they might easily think they can do it themselves.

    Try +/- 300 SGD for the job. That would be my quote. But then it would be based on less than 1 hour to take the pics. Little retouching, just some basic WB, exposure, sat, etc. And give them only 3-5 pics max on CD

    One important point - he needs to know what time of day is best to do his shoot. Natural light is key


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