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    Smile Tasty Food

    Hi thanks for letting me join ClubSnap.
    Okay this photo was taken during a lunch with my lovely wife.

    I want viewers to feel hungry and their mouth dripping water through the composition. i would like to shoot wonderful foods all around the world and post a online blog so people could visit and enjoy the wonderful foods, of course thats why the photos must taste good.

    So do you feel hungry now? hehe
    Hope to get honest comment and observation from all experts here , and would to seek suggestion on my photo technique, angel, my focus(on the chicken), and the photoshop editting. thanks


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    Default Re: Tasty Food

    hi.. welcome to clubsnap.. just some personal views regarding the photo:
    1) i would prefer the pic with less or even no vignetting
    2) pic seems a little cluttered with the platter of chilli sauce in the left background.. since you were using photoshop, you might want to consider cleaning the pic up a little
    3) what is that on the top left side of the chicken chop? if i can't figure out what i'm looking at, i think i won't be hungry looking at it..
    4) focus is good and sharp on the chicken chop
    5) i would have preferred the pic to be taken slightly lower

    thanks for posting the pic.. cheers!
    JustOneSmile.that's all i need..

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    Default Re: Tasty Food

    Food photography generally does not look good with vignetting. Food should appear fresh and appealing to the viewers. To do that, a soft directional lighting is needed to show texture. So get a seat near to a window or somewhere with nice natural lighting. Play with bokeh and try to have a background with less clutter.

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    Default Re: Tasty Food

    HI, Good try, but well as the rest says food does not look good with vignetting. And the angle is out.

    Food generally has to be shot at 10' to 45' away from the dish. And the light must be good to make it appealing to viewers. Generally, a good lighting is needed to show the texture of the food, a low light source is not needed as it reduce texture, spoiling the food's appearance

    Photoshopping is to enhance the colors to make it more tasty and to edit away withthe stains on the side of the dish. Oily stains are not desire in food photography.

    Here is a thread link to our CS Food Photography Discussion section...

    You are always welcome to post some photos for some comments...

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    Default Re: Tasty Food

    hi i am new too.. but i seriously thinks that it shouldnt have dark corner.. the food juz dun look tasty anymore.. but thats juz my comment.. haha..

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    why the vignetting?

    how do you think it adds to the picture?

    top left corner is also distracting.

    just a note, you don't exactly have to capture the whole plate. you are shooting food here, not signboard for hawker centre display or food court display.


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