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Thread: Approached in Orchard to be an Ah beng

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    I am not sure if you guys encountered it but last weekend, me and my brother was in the washroom at International Building and this fit looking guy came from behind when I was washing my hands, starring at me, asking me if I am keen to be an Ah Beng in an upcoming movie.

    Before all those details were out, his 1st question was 'do you know who I am'. God knows who he is. He popped out from no where and asked us to be Ah Bengs in his movie production. Casting is this Friday.

    Then brother asked him what is his name, he said Steven. Wah Piang... like the whole world knows who he is.
    Maybe he was hitting on you. LOL I mean in the toilet, and "fit looking" guy some more....hahahaha
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