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    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Soth View Post
    I agree. It would have been much better to have released it in 2 parts.

    Overall as a film, the pace was indeed a bit too rushed.

    Kudos though to the director for managing so well within a limit of close to 3 hours. I'd say that he managed to portray at least 95% of the main points. (Or 90% if you include the Tales of the Black Freighter)

    And yes, Dr. Manhattan is a BIG man!
    ya they enhanced him man must have taken a blue pill for this movie
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    Quote Originally Posted by TheQuestion View Post
    ya they enhanced him man must have taken a blue pill for this movie
    That's bloody hilarious!
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    The watchmen movie that is currently showing in cinemas is 2 hours 37 mins long.

    The director's cut that will come out later on DVD is 3 hours 40 mins long

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    The science behind Watchmen

    University of Minnesota physics professor James Kakalios discusses how quantum mechanics can explain Dr. Manhattan's super human powers in the film

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    caught it over the weekend.

    The Good:
    1. Great soundtrack in the movie
    2. Great soundtrack in the trailers

    The Bad:
    1. Unnecessary '300' styled violence and B-grade gore
    2. Screen dialog was lifted straight from the novel. Key lines lost impact whenever the characters takes turn to do verbal diarrhoea.
    3. The start-stop action gimmick was used way way too often
    4. The pacing was all over the place
    5. Zero character development. Rorsharch's fate meant nothing since his mental state and sense of right/wrong was never fleshed out.
    6. Without building on the Cold-War and escalating violent crime in the backdrop, the 'peace' had no impact whatsoever. The loss of the attack had no impact too.

    As a standalone movie, I found it messy and the pacing was poor for such a long movie.

    As an adaption of the novel, it does great injustice to the graphic novel. It looks like Watchmen but was hollow and the direction lacked focus.

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    Just went through the comic. I must say it's one of the most depressing, convoluted, yet satisfying reads.

    I guess I'll wait for the 3hr++ director's cut DVD.

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    worst movie ever made.. almost fell asleep. thank God tickets in Bangkok are cheap!

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    Quote Originally Posted by precious.jas View Post
    worst movie ever made.. almost fell asleep. thank God tickets in Bangkok are cheap!
    yes totally agreed.. waste almost 2 hours plus watching an "audio book". And dammit tickets are ex here... bl0oDy hell....
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    Finally finished the graphic novel, haven't had such a good read since Issac Asimov novels. I'm definitely getting a copy for myself. I believe there's no way to condense the story within 3 hrs of film. In fact, my favorite character is Rorschach, from one side he looks insane, dysfunctional but then he displays also good character traits like unyielding willpower, sticking to his beliefs, resourcefulness and his brand of justice. Probably I will watch the movie just for the C.G.

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