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    Just got an idea when I saw a big container... So decided to use it as a Lighting tent... CnC welcome on how to improve it further... Thxs



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    good one and well done. nice if the front hole could be a little smaller......thankx for sharing.

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    neat idea. tempted to try one myself. how long did you take to cut that hole as the plastic looks thick !

    can see the reflection of the opening (black square) in the trophy... perhaps a white curtain as a "part II".

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    Wow! That's creative! It didn't work that well though.

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    place a large piece of paper or foam sheet behind and under the subject to eliminate the horizon line for that seamless effect.

    a light tent may not be the best approach for reflective curved subjects. remember that when you are holding a hammer, everything tends to look like a nail..
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    Thxs guys for ur encouragement... Also thxs for all the comments given. I was using a grinder to cut the plastic...


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