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Thread: Freshly squeezed!

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    Default Location For Sat

    Several CS members are concern with the location as there are far far to many shoots happening in
    Fort Canning, the same tunnel opp Fullerton, boat/clarke quay etc etc...
    Not to worry I am bored of the same old place being re-used all the time...

    Some location shots of our Sat's give photog's who have signed up and those still considering an idea of what you can expect
    ...nothing spectacular...still somewhere in Singapore...

    AREA 1 - To start off for the 1st Outfit

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    Default Re: Freshly squeezed!

    AREA 2 - Moving on...about 200m away...

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    Default Re: Freshly squeezed!

    AREA 3 - Break time and ready for the 2nd outfit

    For Newbies & Oldbies Still Interested To Join Us...
    I Will Extend The Early Bird Promo Till Today Midnight...

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    Default Re: Freshly squeezed!

    Upz for the great organiser Charby... the lovely Janice... n all the wonderful models in this coming shoot...

    Unfortunately have to give this shoot a miss due to work committment.
    Maybe better luck next time...

    Have fun shooting Guyz!


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