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Thread: Film Format or Digital Format photography?

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    Default Film Format or Digital Format photography?

    hope to learn from you guys both amateur or professionals prefer Digital Format or Film Format photography or Both.

    Perhaps you like to add your experience or your views about it (eg. pros and cons).

    very much appreciated!
    a Million Thanks!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Film Format or Digital Format photography?

    Really thanks for the previous replies in the previous thread.. the thread was closed because i broke some house rules.awe =( i hope to hear from u guys again!!! hope the mod will not close this thread.

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    Default Re: Film Format or Digital Format photography?

    Hi darts. I'm an amateur with over 30 years experience of using a film SLR, and switched to digital completely in 2005. I can say categorically that for me it's definitely digital. The biggest 'plus' for me is being able to see every shot as soon as it's been captured -- no more getting home from a holiday or wedding, getting your processed films back and discovering that the shot of a lifetime is ruined by light getting into the cassette or some other problem. With digital you can check straight away and take the shot again if it's no good.

    Next biggest 'plus' is not having to worry about wasting film. Now I can take 5 or 6 shots of the same subject to be sure of having a 'keeper' or one that's better than the rest. And I'm wasting nothing -- just delete the bad ones.

    Then there's storage. There are two camps on this issue. Whilst it's easier to store digital files on a hard disk rather building up a mountain of slides or negatives, I'm well aware that hard disks can (and do) fail. So I play it safe and have 3 copies of every image on 3 separate disks.
    And, unlike negatives, they are instantly viewable on a monitor.

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    Default Re: Film Format or Digital Format photography?

    surveys are not allowed in CS

    thread closed and infraction served for 2nd thread of the same nature after a warning was given earlier


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