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    Question please share your experience

    Hi to all
    I wonder what will be the "checklist" you run through within those few seconds...once you look through the viewfinder and click the shutter button..
    Supposing you have selected your shooting mode..
    For me, there are 3 stuffs I usually check:
    1. composition
    2. focus point
    3. exposure setting(aperture & shutter speed)..usually missed the ISO
    When it happens to concentrate "more" to one of them, it sometimes creates poor photos..
    When pay extra-attention to all of them, it makes my subject(usually children) impatient & complained

    How do you balance your concentration? Is it "natural" for you? or Is "practice makes perfect" applied here?

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    It comes with experience, and as for getting complaints from impatient subjects, imagine what things must have been like when external exposure meters were the norm!
    For me, getting AF locked on comes first, then composition. Not the other way round.

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    the desired end point is when you no longer have to do a checklist but everything flows naturally, really


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