It is great with shame that I pen a late afternoon encounter with an elderly photographer who was by the regular Pitta place when I witnessed two horrific sets of behavior.

The elderly chap was happily aplumed with his "perch" (with feed) for the his subject when

1. he attempted to repel incoming mynahs with pellets- read action to protect the food for his subject

2. attempted moments later to dispel the Pitta by fright when the bird came out to feed on the worms.

I can only assume the subject on top of his list is a mammal. I left w/o saying a single word.

I certainly hope that amongst the local nature photography community there still exist respect for the wild life (limited) living around us. I would like to believe this to be a black sheep and anomaly. The next time round I witness a recurrence, I will not hesitate to expose your photo on every nature website to shame your unduly behavior.