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Thread: Poll: Film Format or Digital Format Photography?

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    Hi I am currently studying in Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts and i am doing a survey about weather you guys both amateur or professionals prefer Digital Format or Film Format photography or Both.

    Perhaps you like to add your experience or your views about it (eg. pros and cons).

    very much appreciated!
    a Million Thanks!!!!!!

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    For amateurs and professionals alike, film and digital are a different experience producing different results.

    Film gives you the "film noir", traditional process and printing methods which you'll be hard pressed to reproduce with inkjets. Slides with their fabulous colors, negatives with their slight orange masks that some even like, and black and white with their grays & tonal range.

    Digital is all about clarity (at least to me). From APS to Full Frame, Full Frame to Digital Backs on MF, etc etc. Clean and crisp results which are probably good for glamour modelling. Also gives you alot of control over the end result.

    No point discussing the Cons, it's all over the other topics previously.
    Plus, if you love photography, you'll probably understand that each format is unique to it's own. Not comparing technicals and end results, there is only the "right camera/format" for each person, none is better or worse. Whatever works for you.
    Better to focus on this hobby than endlessly debate about things.

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    Thank u so much for the tip! xylestesins!

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    Default Re: Poll: Film Format or Digital Format Photography?

    Here is a summary of the pros and cons:

    Film: lower fixed cost, higher variable cost

    Negatives: amazing dynamic range
    Slide: amazing colours straight out from camera
    Digital: zero variable cost, highest flexibility, immediate reviewing of shots

    In summary:
    Shooting digital is kind of like shooting large format film without the resolution. You get to setup each and every shot differently in terms of ISO, WB, Saturation & Contrast just to name a few. It is also very beginner-friendly. However, the usefulness of the high dynamic range of film should not be underestimated and can be really fun once you get your technique right in digital and of course looking at slides for the first time is @#$%-ing amazing although it is also @#$%-ing expensive to shoot.

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    Default Re: Poll: Film Format or Digital Format Photography?

    unfortunately surveys are not allowed


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