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Thread: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

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    Default Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    Hi I m a newbie here

    Recently my old sony cam got stolen by maid so now planning to get another one. Cant decide which to take kindly advise TIA.

    My fren recommend me fuji fd50 (i quite like the pic taken by this cam)
    Canon IXUS 80
    Lumix - no idea not those high range as I am under budget

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?


    It depends on your budget & usage actually. For Panasonic I would recommend the LX3 which has gotten a lot of very good feedback. Otherwise, the Sony cams are excellent cams.
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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    err....budget budget budget. depends what u use it for also. normal candid photography ie: birthdays clubbing etc...or do you wanna move into nitpicking at sharp pictures, lighting control etc...

    for the former id recommend the cannon. great colours cool functions. i dont believe in paying more for IS and 28mm wide lense for this, cause otherwise id whip out my dslr.

    for the latter the lx3 of course. i know many photo enthusiasts who hail praises about it. leica glass. i never believed until i saw it with my own eyes. if im not wrong, its an f2! with iso 6400. what a compact!

    im not too sure about a fuji. i played with one once sometime ago. didnt like the interface!
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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    How much are you ready to spend and which model are you getting?

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    Fuji F100FD is a great camera.

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    what is the street price for LX 3 now?

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    Thank you for the recommend... Opps I think I forget to state my budget best not more than $500

    Ya one of my colleague have LX3 very nice picture taken I like it but exp Mainly simple usage but I like to take picture of food

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    Lumix LX3 = Sharp, but lousy in noise. Lots of manual control, so allows more creative shots. Does RAW too... if you like to photoshop... Lecia and F2... thats pretty neat to have on a P&S. But its zoom is as good as none. but food shots should be ok for you.

    Canon IXUS i assume? heard good things about the 840, but i'm not a fan of canon... but its not a bad camera.

    Fuji = Great for night shots (FD50, FD31 are great but i believe they are out of production already) Still their SUPER CCD is legendary. Please don't get any other that are just CCD. must get SUPER CCD. Basically you can go up to ISO 400 without much problem. The rest are pretty noisy. the FD31 can go to 3200 and produce a pretty decent shot with their neat function.

    If i love to take food and the are the 3 choices i'll grab the lumix... but its a little costly...
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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    canon Isus 870 is good. Alan photo selling at 499 with freebies.
    Fuji is made in China.

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    Thanks for all de advice...

    I heard from my fren about a new Lumix TS1 I find is pretty cool and nice. It is shockproof and waterproof nice picture taken too and is slim but the price is not out yet. My fren say it will be around 600plus if it is so than I will save up to get this.

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    Default Re: Fujji, Canon or Lumix?

    LX3 is well worth it if you can stretch your budget a bit more...
    else might look at fuji... the F50fd is good....
    Hope to learn from everyone here....


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