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Thread: Relocation with Cameras - any advice?

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    Hi there,

    I'm relocating to China in a few months and preparing to move my gear with me. Is there anybody who might be well-versed in the art of transporting 3 cam bodies, 3-4 lenses and maintaining them at a new location with little drybox availability?

    Am considering the first possibility that comes to mind now: buy Omni Sport & Sport Extreme + silica, but not sure if that will last me for the 3 years I'm supposed to be there *or longer!

    Any tips will be much appreciated!

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    Ship the drycabnet.
    Buy a Pelican case or a Thinktank airport bag to put all your gear in.
    or just bring you most used gear with you and ship the least used gear that you have packed yourself is probably the best bet.


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