hi, I'm wondering what slides are good for shooting winter landscapes. Heard velvia is good for a lot of things except people because the skin tones are off, so are there any slides that won't get the 'ice tones' off also?

The speed of the film might be an issue too. Even in autumn, skies can be overcast and when using a ISO 100 film, I can only get shutter below 1/60 with my lens wide open. I guess in winter it could only be worse. Using a tripod can solve the problem, but another problem comes up.

The battery life of my camera in cold weather. How long would it last in temperatures below zero? I've heard about the trick of putting the batteries in the jacket chest pocket near my body to keep it warm. But if i take it out and start composing, and this and that, how much time do i have? I'm not too sure I can last longer than the battery in that kind of cold too