hi guys,

I'm choosing between the ff. cams:

1) Nikon Coolpix 995
2) Olympus C4000
3) Canon A70

If you own any of these cams, could you give me feedback on their performance and pic quality.

In case you're wondering why I shortlisted the 3 above, let me explain:

1) Nikon CP995
- Very good photo quality
- Versatility of split-body design
- Compact Flash memory

- A lot of end users report complaining of hot pixels on everyday shots. Unfortunately, there is no way to remap the hot pixels in-camera, unlike the Oly cams. With the Nikon, you have to take it to the service center to have the pixels remapped.
- Low light autofocus

2) Oly C4000
- Good photo quality
- Feature-rich
- Pixel mapping function (should I even worry about this?)

- No sound in movie mode (I don't really mind that much)
- Smart Media memory (I don't really mind)

3) Canon A70
- Decent photo quality
- Lots of features
- Sound on movie mode

- Plasticky feel of the camera
- Low pixel count on LCD
- Looks toyish (sorry A70 owners, this is just my opinion )

Right now my order of preference is C4000, A70 then CP995. I would really like to get the CP995 but I'm afraid that if I get a lemon, I wouldn't be able to exchange it for a new unit (they just don't do that here in Manila, unlike in the states). And when the A80 gets released here, I doubt if it'll be in the same price range as the cams above...

What do you think?