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Thread: Waitress kawaii Shoot [Group]

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    I don't want to add on anything except that as an organiser, you should have at least check out your competition (fellow organisers) in terms or pricing, service and quality. If after considering, you still feel you should charge S$120, then go ahead. Everyone is entitled to their opinion and ultimately it's a matter of demand and supply. Good Luck.

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    Quote Originally Posted by platform View Post
    Thank u for yr feedback

    - new to modelling does not mean zero experience
    - She is trained and can do her own makeup

    - All photos from the workshop must not be used commerically meaning photographers should not earn royaltys from these photos, eg. stock libraries or editiorial magazine.
    U are free to post them on forum or have them publish in photography magazine that is non profit. After all this is a photography worshop, not a commerical shoot.

    This is the request from the model and i respect that. There are model release that restrict the use of images commerically. If u were to hired a model for editiorial, u have to pay more than what u r paying for MUAs, model, set depending on the usage of image as well.

    Thank u for your kind understanding.

    As for the get rich scheme u mention. We try to substain the operation and bring in more models for workshop with different perspective.
    Thank u for yr support and comments.

    Hope all these will answer yr concern.

    Going by your Terms and Conditions of the above it seems you are rather new to
    organizing such shoots.Even I do not participate in all organised shoots offered
    here still I feel that yours is really expensive.Given other seasoned organisers' pricing offered
    yours real steep.

    It's still about choices.It's your choice to set such conditions but it's also people's
    choice to participate, so best of luck to you.
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