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    I was discussing with fren last night and thought it would be better to get different opinion in CS.

    We were reviewing photos taken in an event (D&D) shoot. We arrive a topic on how to take a couple of people at different height, example a guy is 1.80m tall and with a girl is 1.58 tall. We were discussing how to frame these two people to avoid empty space between their head by taking horizontally, vertically or disgonally. I was telling my friend that if you take vertical shot, the tall guy might not look as good as the girl... Then as usual practice, for event shoot, usually use f2.8 standard zoom lens is quite idea, and so, if I step back to frame the same two people again, will not able to compress the shot and many extra people will appear in background...

    How would you frame it if you are the photograher for the event? All are welcome, I hope to read some valuable input for all.

    Thank you.

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    Get either one to sit down.

    D3s / D3x / 18-55 f3.5 - 5.6 / 55-200 f3.5-5.6 / 50 f1.8


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