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Thread: Grad trip: Rome to Athens (backpacking) advise...

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    Default Grad trip: Rome to Athens (backpacking) advise...

    Anyone took this road before? can share your itinery and experience? not much planning still decideing on starting and ending point...

    budget: ard 3000-4000
    hope to travel at least 14days.

    can sleep in train/ferry, can stay hostel one (since is grad trip..i think we are willing to spent time in train and save some $$ ..LOLOL)

    or maybe..someone can share ur trip in other parts of europe also...basically have not really fix the place..

    (saw cathay pacific promo, 1 stop over in HK, fly to rome at $1059 include tax, this is cheap? or i shd wait for natas fair?).
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