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Thread: ten/twentyfour: world lomo project

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    Default ten/twentyfour: world lomo project

    hi there,

    The second round of 'ten/twenty four' will commence on Oct 24, at 10:24 GMT.

    Join in as lomographers from around the world try to capture a single moment in time as it passes through various locations across the globe.

    Please visit the site at for more details

    ps - non-Lomo users are welcome to participate!

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    mine featured in one of the few shots on this page

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    Default image gallery now up

    Just to inform you, the image gallery from last year's event is now up

    project details are available from the main page -

    for those who are keen to join this year, please email me at with your name and location. Thanks.

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    cool!!!!! I will be using the Holga 120s to shoot someting this week.... will email you Lomo1024

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    Quote Originally Posted by lomo1024
    Just to inform you, the image gallery from last year's event is now up

    project details are available from the main page -

    for those who are keen to join this year, please email me at with your name and location. Thanks.

    wow! plenty of sporean's pic..
    Gallery | Facebook Page Spreading the Good photography.

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    Default update

    for those of you who have not already received this via email -

    Hello again,

    We're almost there... just four days away. To date, we have about 20 interested participants who will be in various locations around Europe, Asia, North and South America, Australia and the Middle East. We're really excited and looking forward to your contribution to this year's gallery.

    Here are just some things to take note of:

    PROJECT TIMEFRAME - 10:24 GMT, 24 Oct 2003 to 10:24 GMT, 25 Oct 2003. Please note the time in your own location.

    THE TASK - To take as many photos you wish during the above timeframe. Please take note which shot was taken at 10:24GMT, 24 Oct 2003.

    EQUIPMENT - You may use any Lomo camera. Non-Lomo cameras are allowed. For all cameras - please note down the model in the questionnaire below.

    SUBMISSION - Scan in the photos and send me the images by email by 25 Nov 2003. Use any of the following email addresses -


    If you have problems sending over your attachments, please send me a text email and I will help you out.

    IMAGE SIZE - Each image should come in two sizes - 230 x 153 (max 20k, for thumbnails) and 512 x 341 (max 50k, for main images). These are guidelines only. Variations are allowed. Do not worry if you are unable to resize your images.

    As the images are supposed to be 'documents' of the event, please refrain from altering or manipulating them.

    QUESTIONNAIRE - To make the the gallery more comprehensive, please copy the questions below and include them in your submission email. (The questions are only a guideline, please feel free to include or leave out information as you wish).

    Q+A -

    1. Your name? (Please indicate if you wish to use a nickname. This will be posted on the gallery)

    2. Your nationality?

    3. Your age?

    4. Your occupation?

    5. Your shoot locations(s)? (Please include city/town, country)

    6. Your local time?

    7. Do you wish to display your email address on the gallery? (By stating 'yes', you agree to receive emails from gallery visitors)

    8. Do you have a lomohome or personal gallery/website address you wish to display on the gallery?

    9. Any other personal information to share? (Example: How long have you been into photography/lomography? Do you wish to include an excerpt of your journal? How did you learn about this project? How do you feel about taking part in this project?)

    10. Do you have any comments about the project? Feedback for improvements? Do you want to be updated about future projects? (Answers to number 10 are for my own reference only and will not be posted).

    That's all for now. If you have any further questions for me, please ask. Feel free to forward this email to anyone you think would be interested in participating. In the meantime, thank you for your interest in ten/twentyfour. All the best for your shoot - and I hope you have fun!
    Best regards,

    Regina (lomo1024)
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    Hi lomo1024,
    Interesting project! The "lomo look" is quite interesting... so any camera will do so long as its got the "lomo look" or just about anything goes??

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    thanks Zplus, it's not so much the 'look' of the image...yes any camera is allowed. But images have to be captured at the specified time and date, and no manipulation of the image is allowed. If you'd like to take part, please send me an email with your name and location. Cheers!


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