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Thread: Cheap Arca compatible clamp type ballhead

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    Default Cheap Arca compatible clamp type ballhead

    Hello bros,

    Seeking some opinion on the cheapest arca compatible clamp type ballhead that can hold 8kg load. Anyone has any suggestions?

    Markins, Kangrins, Acratech, RRS way too expensive for poor blokes.

    I have researched and found Giottos ballheads best and cheapest, but they come in so many models from MH 1000, to 1100, 1300,1310,1330,3300, 7000, etc....

    and the worse thing is you can't find it in Spore leh.

    Anyone knows of any shops in Spore selling Giottos clamp type ballhead in any shops in Spore? or knows of any other brands that can hold 8kg at much lower prices?

    Many many thanks in advance...

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    Default Re: Cheap Arca compatible clamp type ballhead

    benro is the cheap arca type head.

    But remember, you get what you paid for.
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