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Thread: Diopter on K200D

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    Hi guys
    I was wondering. Currently becoming long sighted with astigmatism.
    If I use the auto focus to focus the shot and then use the diopter to focus in my view finder, would that mean that I can manual focus and the images will be in focus also?
    Would a split focussing screen help?

    I remembered this photographer on the net kept on complaining his K10D takes soft shots and in the end realised his diopter was way out.

    Also, I still have about 15 shots in my K1000, but wondering when I manual focus, are all the shots already out because of my long sighted eye?


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    For me who is short-sighted with glasses, the correct dioptre setting is when the AF brackets is the sharpest, then MF should not be a problem.

    If the AF works well, images taken will still be in focus even if the viewfinder is blurred due to incorrect setting, as in the case of me passing my K10D to other people to take photos.
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