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Thread: a question about 1.6x multiplier for dSLR.. serious question.

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    See to understand:

    Perspective after Crop'

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nescafe
    See to understand:

    Perspective after Crop'

    Thanks very useful indeed!!

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    Default Portraiture and lens length

    Sequitur: I do a lot of portraiture and you are right to think about the various effects different lens lengths have on your subjects. Continue to think in terms of using 85 to 135 prime lenses, if possible, for the traditional look and feel of most portraits. You will have to step backward to compensate for the 1.6x factor in order to maintain your desired framing.

    On the other hand, as other posters suggest, you can also get away with less than "L" quality glass on a digital since the 1.6x factor eliminates the edges where most flaws are likely to appear.

    Quote Originally Posted by sequitur
    okay guys here goes.

    so my question is.. which is more correct ? that if i use an 80mm lens, the focal length is 128mm and i take a "proper" picture,

    or that i use an 80mm lens, i take a "wrong" picture, and the camera CROPS the picture to make it look like it was taken with a 128mm lens ?

    hope someone can help.. lol.. just occured to me. sorry. thanks.

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