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    This was shot on a Trip to KL a few weeks back from the hotel room I was staying in. Have seen a series of KLCC shots and so thought of trying something different.

    Taken during sunrise, metered on the sun so as to under-expose the foreground to get a silhouette of KLCC. KLCC is one of the nicest architecture I have seen but I have always seen a clear view of what KLCC looks like. Trying to create another view of KLCC and happened to be awake at sunrise. Composed this way because to the right of this picture there is another building. Wanted viewers to be lead to KLCC and not distracted by the building on the right. Did a few enhancements in photoshop for the sky and the foreground.

    Comments & Critiques on composition, post production & whatever it is that needs to be improved on would be great. Thank you!
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    I believe a landscape orientation crop would benefit this picture. Also there is too much emptiness at the bottom of the image.
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    blurry is right. landscape crop is nicer.

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    Too much 'darkness'.... Consider Rule of 3rd....


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    Hey! Thanks for the replies.. Yeah, why did I not think of a landscape crop! I will definately try that.. Any other areas where I can improve on other than composition?
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