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    Another slight improvement would be..switching position of the parents and change the title it a bird, is it a, it's... ( a bit old fashion ).

    Vignetting were commonly used in the olden ( stone ) age of portrait photography, whereby from what I'd read the explanation from ( stone ) age photo books...its purpose ( they have to manually burn in the four corners of the photographic paper ), is to draw attention of the viewers to the subject.

    Nothing were mention about using vignette for other type of photography, and if it does happens, only indicates the inadequate coverage of the lens design, not so much as an artistic application. But times had change....

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    i am a newbie but here is my 1 cent worth of comments!

    the guy who posted it IMO said something about the company being more important.. therefore i think even if the couple captures a viewers attention more then the sunset it is alright.

    Also i find that the "pointing to something" is alright.. maybe they saw a bird or a boat or something.. like... who the h*** points to the sun -,-''

    okay maybe some people do.. but i havent seen it yet =p

    overall i think it is a good picture! but i do agree with the comments about the global lighting thingy.. or whatever its called!

    hope i havent offended anyone with my comments! =D

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    This is another NOOB point-of-view..... I like the way the man was captured with him pointing out of the picture... gives this sense of mystery..

    And the picture alone, give this sense of calmness...

    but with the adjustments and all, makes me think this is more of an oil painting than a photo..

    Just my 2cents worth..

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