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Thread: Is it advisable to add a bubble level to a tripod?

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    Default Is it advisable to add a bubble level to a tripod?

    I just got a Manfrotto 055C & 141RC head not long ago.

    The work that I'm doing does require a bubble level, and neither the tripod nor the head has one. I know that hotshoe bubbles do exist, however I'm only using P&S cameras (student; not even working) so they don't have hotshoes.

    Would it be advisable for me to add 2 small industrial bubble levels (the cylinder kind) to a tripod head? I have some experience with DIY (I do a lot of DIY work), so aligning the level & glueing isn't much of a problem. Its these that I'm not sure about:

    - Would it damage / negatively affect the tripod (e.g. loss of stability, etc)
    - Would it affect the resale value (if I choose to upgrade in future)


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    Default Re: Is it advisable to add a bubble level to a tripod?

    firstly, i would answer your question:

    1) no it would not affect the tripod operation in anyway.
    2) of course resale value will be lowered. but you can always remove them

    well, then how should you do this?

    1) get yourself some self-adhesive velco tape.
    2) get some vertical/horizontal bubble level x 2 and round bubble levels (for centering purpose.
    3) stick them to the tripod or tripod head.

    mine already has all of the bubble levels above built right in.


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