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    Quote Originally Posted by Halfmoon View Post
    This is a portrait of Dallas...

    1. How is the lighting? Is it too dark? I think it is not sharp....

    2. I was hoping to capture the cute, funny moment.

    3. I was trying to capture the playful nature of Dallas.

    4. I feel lighting is not that good, and focus like not sharp...
    this is alright for a snapshot; but ultimately the background and clutter in the way you have placed the oranges spoils it. to put it shortly.

    maybe you are limited by location - but it really can be solved if you want to put in the effort to have something more; not that hard to imagine how to simplify the background with the aid of various cheaply available tools out there; just take a look at how most people do it and you should get an idea.

    the two oranges in the background really break the shot.

    this thread is in the critique corner, there are so many chatty comments here!

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    Should have also slice the orange instead, and have the juice drip...making it mouthful.

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    haha...nicely done

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    This is your child... so you have all the time in the world to capture him in any location you wish. So, you can actually move him to a location with good light.

    Lighting is of paramount importance in photography. The lighting of the photograph is very flat. You should try to move him such that the light is coming from a good source from the side. This will create highlights and shadows, which conveys dimension and perspective.

    There is no need to use flash, which can look unnatural. Since this is your son, you have the luxury of time. You are never forced. Just take your time and plan the location and setup... so that you can work with nice natural light.

    I would suggest you read this book:

    It tells you very simply, how to take nice pictures of your children.

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