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Thread: Canon IXUS 400 disappointingly...

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    How about DiMAGE XT?? 3.2 mp, small silm, got web-cam.3x optical zoom.

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    With the Z4, I have not printed any pics on paper so can't tell if there's a blue cast. What's shown on the LCD and PC do not really show the actual colors i believe.

    As for Canon II, the optical zoom is 2x only and almost as big as the Canon 400 so it was not even considered.

    The Best Shot modes in Z4 are quite extensive. Coupling shot mode - a couple can appear on the same picture by taking turns to shoot each other on the same background; Pre-shot - shooting the background first as a guide to what you want to be in the picture and then get someone to shoot you in front of the background. One can add up to 999 of his own Best Shots modes. Great fun

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