I've been fascinated by pictures which depict life, buildings, activities of foreign countries and cities which I've never been to, but through the pictures have given life to my impression of these countries and cities.

I would like to seek your opinion on this. What would you think is still currently present and depicts something representative to Singapore or to the people of Singaopre? Something which years down the road and you look back at the image, you are thankful you captured the emotions, feelings, image and can share them with your fellow friends and for you to treasure them.

This need not be a disappearing trade or anything, but most importantly, representative and to be treasured. Things we take for granted, such as the busy nature of Orchard Road, old folks playing chess on your voiddeck, could very well be something you took for granted until you suddenly moved house or emigrate. It'll be series of pictures for a foreigner who never stepped foot in Singapore, to form a strong impression of Singapore and Singaporeans.