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    I personally like this shot very much and would like to receive some feedback regarding the lighting and composition. Please let me know how this can be improved.

    This shot is taken during sunset in a village near Mt Bromo, Indonesia. The sky is getting dark and many villagers are starting to make their way home from the fields. I like silhouette of the villager against the sky, and the sky is actually a mixture of clouds and smoke emitted from the volcano nearby.

    Details: 55mm; 1/125s; f/5.6; ISO100

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    if its a going home pic...i wish there was more emphasis on the guy that is going home.

    i really like the colours ...i would wait for the man to move away and take the colours...and call this photo storm is coming or smth...haha..but thats me.

    right now i can barely see the man! such that he is "extra" to this photo than adding to the photo.

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    is it possible to clone out the electrical cable?

    i like the mood.. but as mentioned earlier.. the man seems lost in the pic..

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    Although I do like your image, having it not sharp pretty much spoils it.
    Also, if you were intending on silhouettes, maybe you should make it only silhouettes. I think I see some dark brown at the bottom right.

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    Thanks all for your feedbacks.
    Guess the human silhouette did not create the impression that i wanted, maybe it left me with a more striking impression as i was watching the guy walking home against the silhouette of the clouds.

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    not bad i must say but if the picture is sharper, it would have been much better. that aside, silhouette is distinct which is good. different pple might have different view but strangely i felt somehow the cable adds to the composition. i would prefer a complete house on the left.

    I think b/w might be better but this treatment is still good enough.

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    1) black at bottom of frame does not work; space on top is also excessive, this composition with just bands is much more suited for a panoramic crop

    2) color is moody, but does it really go with the scene here? for me, not really.

    3) i noted the image size is 29kb, the softness could be due to massive compression.

    4) there is the matter of the cable, but it is really too hard to clone away, at least at my side with such a small size, it splits the frame in a very ugly way, but i suppose you were limited by your position.

    5) the man is an attention grabbing element here, but you have made him so small relative to everything else. cropping closer will give a greater weight to his presence.

    this is a 23:9 crop, with conversion into black and white and some curves and unsharp mask applied. let me know if you want to take it down.

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    I prefer the original warm colour better, it reflects the calm mood of sunset more clearly.
    It tells the story of the subject (the man) who is prob going home appropriately, that part is straightaway clear to me.
    Sorry, perhaps its just my intepretation and feeling, the B&W version feels like its like a thunderstorm or impending bad weather, that gives a very depressing and insecure feeling. The warm colour is more calm and delievers a nicer mood. sry, nightmare

    Actually I thot i quite like the original picture. The ground is confined to the lower 1/3, the trees and man the middle, and the sky upper 1/3. Quite pleasing.
    If I were to change, perhaps, trim the upper sky and lower ground just a teeny wheeny bit, while keeping it in the proportion. and the bottom right got some unwanted distracting dark objects showing which would be good to do without. And if can increase the contrast and saturation of the sky, it will punch more punch across.
    In fact the most distracting thing in the picture is to me the strange wire on the trees that cuts across the enitre frame. That is most "compromising" issue of this to me.

    I feel it is quite a simple display of pleasant 1/3 rule photo, potential of using just simple tonality and proportionality of the pic to convey to the viewer.
    I thot it would look nice as a duo spread of some National Geographic centre page
    I wish I have the opportunity to visit these parts of Indonesia.
    I do really like it
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    For some reason the cables are in the way and pretty prominent. Better if cloned off.
    5DMk2,400D,EOS3 50mm F1.4,28-75 F2.8,GRDIII 28mm F1.9

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    Thanks all for your feedbacks.

    Yes, i also feel that the cable does get in the way, unfortunately i was indeed limited by my position as there is a fence right in front of me.
    After some of you pointed out, I also agree that the patch at the bottom right looks out of place.

    Nightmare, thanks for the edit. After seeing it, i still prefer the original colors although i like the 23:9 crop. It brings more emphasis to the man and turn it into a more panoramic shot.

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    I agree with others..better if the images is sharper, try add some Noise to it.

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    nice color. i would prefer a 23:9 crop as per night86mare. the lower black doesn't tell a story so cropping away is fine. also if your man is so small you may want to capture a few villagers walking in line (if possible).

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    i like it the way it is. the eyes will dart around the image, the mind ponders and then finally the presence of the figure is realized.

    great timing for capturing him in between the two trees, and i love the mood the colours portray as well.

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    most villagers are making their way home from the what being described.

    I would have expected to see more instead of just one figure, and hoping to see some tools carrying on their shoulder plus preferably full figure with walking movement.
    Maybe a bullock to follow would be nice.

    These were popular pictorial submission of the 50s -60s photo salon competition, especially from Hong Kong and Indonesia.


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