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Thread: which brand of studio flash to use

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    Default which brand of studio flash to use

    i am getting a studio flash but i dont know which brand is good. any advise?

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    Default which brand of studio flash to use

    I am using Elinchrom D-LITE 4 set. 2 x 400Watts monobloc (with cooloing fan some more) is enough for most aspect of photography. I can achieve accurate colour temp and am happy to own a set. This set consists of 2 sq (one big, one small) softbox, 2 stands and 2 sync cord. It is classfied as a budget lighting kit, but I dont think so. It is still able to create good effects. With the Skyport Universal trigger set, the whole set costs S$1200/- from Cathay.

    Downside on this set, you need to spend on extra light shaping tools such as barndoor, standard reflector, umbrella, rect softbox. All this are needed if you are shooting professionally.

    Alternatively, you may consider looking for this member: affiend, for his studio lightings by the brand of Jinbei. Although made in China, but the quality of this studio products is not less then Swiss made brand. He carries a 300Watt monobloc at S$360/pc with some free accessories.

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    i uses bowens. they are reliable. workhorse. range of light modifiers are very wide to cater to varying needs.


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