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Thread: Review - Generic Inflatable Mini Softbox

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    Default Review - Generic Inflatable Mini Softbox

    I ordered some stuff through eBay and since I didnít want to waste shipping charges, I thought of giving an item a try. Itís an inflatable softbox small enough to fit over a standard hotshoe mounted flash. I thought that it would go well with the off-shoe ETTL cord that I ordered as direct, un-diffused flash is quite hard even if not mounted on camera. It costs less than a Big Mac meal, so why not?

    It looks really funny actually. It looks like one of those kiddie inflatable wing floaters for swimming, to be honest. Letís see if it works, though.

    Hereís how it looked like when I got it from the mail. Not exactly exciting.

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    Default Re: Review - Generic Inflatable Mini Softbox

    Thanks for the review!

    I think it does clear the mist a bit for folks like me who are considering to buy.

    Nice 'mod' to add that 1st layer of opaque material. Looks real good after that.


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