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Thread: 3D2N Mt. Kinabalu Climb

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shen siung View Post
    Hmm, never climb Mount Kinabalu before, but if you do sports regularly (at least once per week IMO) you do not need train much.
    Oldest person to have summited it was a fit 80+ year old man. When I was there, I frequently saw fit 40-50 year old ladies moving faster than me. Needless to say, I was unfit, the climb was tough but still very manageable.
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    oh. we were caught in a very heavy rain during our way down. luckily we managed to board a bus with some other trekker at the carpark area outside the climbing permit office. I think it is not difficult to get bus back KK.. just make sure you don't become carrot head...

    anyway i think also depends what time you reach the base. I know someone in our group who reach around 6pm no more bus but they luckily managed to board a school bus back to KK

    should be between 20-25RM per person.

    about 1.5-2hrs journey.. really concuss in the mini bus

    Quote Originally Posted by rosgsy View Post
    Welcome back. Was wondering where you catch the bus to KK. Is it at their main bus station? May i know how much and how long it takes? Thanks.

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