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Thread: Where to develop b/ negative?

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    Default Where to develop b/w negative?

    Please advise if there is any good place to develop b/w negative? Thanks...
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    try plsoong, he's providing e service ...

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    Hi, I don't know the best place to develop B/W negatives in your locality, however, if you ever decide to bring it to your neighbourhood lab, pls verify and confirm with the staff again & again that your negative is not for colour processing.

    I had an experience where I sent a Pan F Plus 50 to a Kodak Lab (quite a big one) and told the staff there that this is B/W film. She told me 'No Problem, done this many times already'. Three days later I came back and to my Horror, the negatives were all green and very feint images could be seen. I verified with her how come this happens? She told me "Your film Expired already" What the heck. I did not keep the original box, so how to claim.

    Next week I visited the lab again to test water, this time also a Pan F plus 50, I approached another lady there and asked her if this film can be processed here, she went inside to check with some one else and came out and told me this "Can, can no problem. The film got put DX so that means can process"

    I can't believe this, the lab confused DX coding (iso speed) with process type.

    Of course this time I didn't hand them the film. I explained to the lady that DX only means that it is coded with a specific speed, grab a Kodak TCN400 and showed her that this is also a B/W film but for colour processing, and showed her the line "For Colour Process C-41"

    If you live in Yishun, you can go to the Fuji Lab at the cineplex near Northpoint. Look for the old man there, he knows what to do.


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    thks guys for the info. Really appreciate it

    Obzervr, I don't suppose you know the rates of developing b/w film at the Fuji Lab at the cineplex near Northpoint...or do you?


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