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Thread: SMS Package with M1

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    Anyone signed up a corporate plan with M1 SMS service before because in all recent, I just signed up with one with the wireless broadband but the problem is that whenever I click sent, it is supposed to be 1 message but ended up 2 or more which created some disturbance over my friends and clients.

    Anyone of you encounted such problems with your network operations?
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    I encountered your disturbance..
    Pls liaise with M1 to solve this asap.

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    Irregardless, of a 'M1' problems sending same sms.

    I had also received a few <ADV> over a few different shoots at different timing. On the 2nd of Feb, itself I received total of 5 sms with one even at 01:30hrs....

    Your <ADV> is more than those sent out by M1, Singtel or banks <ADV> that I received.

    All these had caused a disturbance including those due to 'M1' problems... Until sometimes i cannot be bother to read your <ADV>.... You had caused negative impact instead of trying to promote your shoots at least for myself...

    You are the first organiser i meet with these kind of sms. I'm ok if you sms impt stuffs like shoot locations change of shoot timing etc.

    Just my 2 cents, maybe you should change to way of your marketing tool. Or is there a unsusbcribe avaliable?


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