YES! Catch a shot at the latest lingerie wear by Flaunt It! A collection from all over the world just for you to choose from and match for the model you signed up for.


Date :

21st Feb 09

Time :

Session A - Willynn and Charlotte 2pm to 4pm

Session B - Willynn and Camy 4.30pm to 6.30pm

Session C - Camy and Charlotte 7pm to 9pm

Session D - Willynn and Camy 9.30pm to 11.30pm

Dresscode :

Sexy Designer's Lingerie


$88 ONLY

Ratio :

1:3 (Min) | 1: 4 (max)

Location :

Beautiful Spacious Hotel


<<< MODELS >>>

  • Willynn (Local talent freshly baked in the talent industry with 6 months of theme shoots experience with a very unique innocent kind of look)

  • Copyrighted by Elvin

  • Charlotte (Orgin from France - Experience in Bikini Fashion Spreads and Fashion Shoots)

    Copyrighted by Charlotte

  • Camy (Local Model Talent - 4 years experience in Events, Fashion Spreads and Fashion Shoots)

    Copyrighted by Leejay

1. Sign up with a friend or more and pay only $85 each!!!
2. Book the whole session C or D at a very special price!!!