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Thread: Maintaining your camera and lens

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    Any suggestions on how to maintain your camera. After every outing, my camera/lens has specks of dust here and there. When the weather is hot, I can feel the heat eminating from my camera too plus sweat from your hands/ moisture and humidity getting onto your stuff.

    Today was extremely humid and hot. Normally, I just use the bulb blower to blow away the dust and lens solution and microfiber cloth to wipe the lcd and put them into my digi-cabi. And when i was sitting on a bench, i found an ant crawling over my equipment which I was holding. I immediately flicked the ant away.
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    I usually wipe the camera and lens down with a damp soft cotton cloth first (less the lens). I have a bit f sweaty palms so i need to get the hand juice out first. Followed by a blower to get rid of the loose dust. For those hard to remove spots, I use either a microfiber cloth or a lens pen. After that, dump in my dry cabinet.

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    I clean my equipment after every use, then store all inside my dry cabinet. Simple as that.
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    same here clean and check before keep in dry cabi
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    Lense - Use blower on dust and Lenspen on stain.

    Camera - Lift mirror and use hand blower on Sensor. Clean dust by using a soft brush, dirt with slightly moist cloth (but only when really dirty )

    Keep in Dry-Cab after cleaning......

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