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    hi guys, I'm not sure what lens to add to my current lens collection so need some suggestions.

    I'm using a Canon EOS 50D, which is APS-C frame. I believe it's 1.5x crop factor.

    I have the kit lens of 18-55mm IS and bought a Sigma 70-300mm Macro zoom lens.

    Am interested in portraits, macro and landscape photography. So wondering what is a suitable lens to suit these three types of photography.

    Is a 50mm f1.4 suitable? And what is the market price range for a new and a 2nd hand one cause quite budget.

    Thanks to all for reading this thread!

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    It's a 1.6x crop. Get a 50 1.8 instead with a cheap extention tude for your start in marco photography. Great, cheap lens for portrait too.
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    Which lens to add: the lens that offers you those features and capabilities that your current line up cannot. You have to find out this first. So the primary need is to beef up knowledge (hint: Canon has crop factor 1.6) and skills. As long as your current lenses are better then your skills and requirements you don't need any other lens. A few good skills improve a picture more than just load of equipment, or: missing skills cannot be overcome by superior equipment.
    Prices: Please check the Canon thread for current prices of new lenses, B&S helps with 2nd hand prices.

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    ok, thanks for the information!


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