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Thread: What Are We Eating Today?

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    Hey all,

    I'm new to ClubSnap, so I hope you guys won't consider this spam... But if you do, do be gentle with me.

    As an art project, I'm orchestrating a worldwide collective project where as many people in the world as possible share photos of what they are eating on the same day.

    The steps are very simple:

    On Saturday, 7th Feb,

    all the meals you eat, including snacks. No drinks.

    2. EMAIL
    your photos to by 10th Feb. Please state your country of residence!

    3. CHECK for updates!

    The way you photograph your meals on 7th February is ENTIRELY UP TO YOU. You could photograph your food so close up that itís unrecognizable. You could eat only one colour of food that day and take that too. You could make little potato men and show off your little potato men. Or you could photograph the meals as you see them on your table, snap the fast food that you grab on your way to work; anything works.

    I hope you could forward this mail to as many friends you have in other countries. Part of this experience is seeing how far a simple project can go around the world. At the end of this project, the photographs we share will be used to create an art piece.

    Let's see what all of us around the world are eating on this one day.

    Have fun with your food!

    Queries/thoughts? Email
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