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Thread: Pelepah Waterfall Outing on Valentine's day!

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    Default Pelepah Waterfall Outing on Valentine's day!

    Hi Fellow photographers!

    I have organized a day trek to Pelepah Waterfalls in Kota Tinggi on Valentine's day 14th Feb, this is NOT THE COMMERCIALIZE RESORT WATERFALL, it's the more secluded nicer waterfall hidden in the plantation nearby.

    It's only $40 per head which is inclusive of chartered bus transport and a seafood meal at the local famous airconditioned restaurant.

    Meeting time 0730 hrs at Woodlands MRT on 14th Feb 2009.

    Group size for the trip is 22 pax.

    Currently the females in the group outnumbers the males by quite abit... So my last 3 slots are strictly RESERVED FOR MALES only to try even up the gender ratio.

    Was thinking it would be great if i can get a couple of photographers on the trip to take some nice pictures for us as well... hehe... (we only use crappy compacts )

    What you will be expecting for the trip will be the scenic 3 tier 10 storey high waterfall and surrounding nature. Lighting conditions will be below average even on a bright sunny day as we will be under the forest canopy most of the time. Avoid carrying a tripod as we will be on the move most of the time. Waterproofing of equipment is necessary for some part of the trail just to play safe.

    Link to full details of the trips

    Link to pics of our past trips
    (Pardon the crappy quality, like i said we only carry compacts )

    For those guys who are keen to go or find out more about the trip, you can reach me at 90040032.


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    kinda of interested haha but i gt exam comin up soon so gotta giv it a miss haha
    if u gt these kind of trip inform mi if best during the holidays haha

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    Default Re: Pelepah Waterfall Outing on Valentine's day!

    Sure dude! Btw we will be heading to gunung Panti on the 7th of march and to pelepah waterfalls again on the 21st of march.

    These trips are already confirmed u can drop me an email at

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    Oh yes... if you are free on tis coming sunday do join us for a walk at macritchie reservoir as we are going to the historical WWII site the syonan jinja shinto shrine.

    Expected turnout for this walk will be 12 - 20 ppl, meeting at 9am at reservoir road round about. The walk will take approx 5-6 hrs and anybody can join us.

    if u wanna go jus be der on time, u can call me at 900 400 32 when u get der.

    here a link to info about the japanese shrine


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