>Life in Singapore
>I am Ong Ah Bee living in Kampong Chai Chee
>Life used to be simple and HAPPY
>I worked hard in my STUDIES
>I learned A-B-C, and everything from 1, 2, and 3.
>Primary school was quite easy
>I passed PSLE
>Then I went to SECONDARY
>The subjects include HISTORY, GEOGRAPHY
>Physics, Biology and CHEMISTRY
>After O levels I went to JC
>I was quite LUCKY
>This is a small humid tropical COUNTRY
>Surrounded by unknown potential ENEMIES
>Boys turned 18 must go to ARMY
>After that we may continue our Studies
>The girls can just sit back, relax, and watch TV
>They come to this world only to "Chia Liao Bi"
>No one lives on free meals or depends on CHARITY
>I had no money to go to University or Poly
>So I went to work at a FACTORY
>Trying to earn a little lousy SALARY
>After CPF and INCOME TAX,
>I have just enough money to buy ROTI and ride in MRT.
>Colleagues at work used to be FRIENDLY
>Always treat me to tea and COFFEE
>Somehow they turned FISHY
>Passing bad remarks about me
>Telling everybody I am LAZY.
>My bosses show me no SYMPATHY
>Mumbling over my shoulder daily : "HURRY, HURRY and HURRY !"
>Accusing me of always trying to get MC
>But my sickness was due to overstretched OT
>Going home after midnight by TAXI and
>They pay me only bus fee
>I Park-Tor and became STEADY
>Finally had to MARRY
>I lost money holding Wedding Dinner PARTY
>Cheeky friends donating only cheap PANTY
>After marriage, nothing was EASY
>In one year, I became DADDY
>I can't support my family and our BABY
>Being tied down for life to repay HDB and
>Rising monthly utilities to PUB
>My bank account has NO MONEY
>POSB balance is almost EMPTY
>DBS wants to charge me EXTRA FEE
>Insisting that "Nothing is FREE!"
>So I moonlight as KARANG GUNI
>Many times I want to jump into the sea to MATI
>But that is not EASY
>My wife cries: "Who is going to support me and our BABY?"
>So I can't MATI .
>I went to seek assistance from the MP
>His reply was simple and easy:
> "Vote for me, vote for me, vote for me".
>He never tell me any convincing Policy.
>My dear friends, can you help Ong Ah Bee?