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    OT, but I would like to share my own experience.

    On my own wedding I got my friend to do the photography for me. Since we are very good friends and he was kind of my "apprentice" in photography I trusted him to be able to do a good job and he did.

    In addition, he was not offended when I gave him some pointers and suggestions during the outdoor shoot. Imagine being the "art director" for your own wedding photography, fun isn't it?

    The best thing is, I even took over the camera for a while and took a few shots of my wife! Don't think I could have done that if we have hired a professional photographer.
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    Hi guys,

    Thanks again for you input. Well, I must admit while I am an enthusiast, I don't think I'm anywhere near the pro level (and hence, my signature! ). I agree, the point of contention is not about who's better. My wife and I are quite convinced from his actions and his results that this guy was still on a learning curve. He could well be qualified to be a pro, but just a newbie pro. But the company shouldn't be sending a lone inexperienced photographer to cover such a significant event, right?

    We COULD argue some more, but they will always have some (perhaps convincing) counter-arguements, and as working people, we simply don't have to time. But the main thing is really, the event is already over, what else can we do? We are also not completely free from fault, though. Everything was in a rush, so we didn't really take the time to really look for a good (and value-for-money) photographer. It was only the week after the wedding did I learn about this exellent section @ Very handy FAQs for selecting a photographer, too.

    Learn from our mistakes, I guess. So to those in the hunt for someone to cover a very significant, un-repeatable event, take heed of all this, and the good advice of fellow ClubSnappers here.

    Thanks again, people!
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