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    I went to develop photos today with a quantity of about 300plus with 3mm borders.
    The quality came out was below my expectation as some of the pictures borders were abit off, could easily be notice when taken at a closer or longer look.

    Thus would like to ask if you guys ever encounter this problems. Thanks

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    who did you send it to? been sending my pics to Grace Digital Labs @ Sunset Way. Never had that problem before. Even if I did, Simon would probably redo it if you're not satisfied with the outcome. You might wanna try him next time.

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    yeah, i got slip slot jobs from FotoHub from their most experienced people and they couldnt care less.

    I think they discriminate at times if you are a professional or if you are just a hobbyist.

    As such, i have never step back to FotoHub in Bugis for the past 5 years now.
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    I do face such problem, do not know how to solve.So, I send it photos without border to print.

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    I went to KT at upp cross st, I also got another pro, got a few of the pics turn out really dark when printed out. But when i check it at the computer everything was okie and the histogram shows correct exposure.
    The sunset way is it the one at clementi? Cause i really looking at a excellent print shop to do my digital printing. thanks thanks;'_)


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