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Thread: Price for Nikon D80

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    Smile Price for Nikon D80

    Hello all!

    Would someone kindly tell me a reasonable price I should pay for:

    1. A brand new Nikon D80 (kit set as well as body only)?
    2. A reasonably new second hand one?

    Cathay Photo quoted me on the phone $1336 (without GST) for the kit set and told me that they have no stock for body only.

    Parisilk at Holland Village quoted me $1310 (without GST) for the kit set.

    Any good strategies for price negotiation?


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    Default Re: Price for Nikon D80

    hi kismetzz

    Here is the pricelist but it might not be the latest, you will probably have to call the shops
    ( numbers listed as well )

    No ball park value for second hand. U can try to search through the price of the previous transacted D80s on the Classifieds.

    Negotiation is a skill I lack. If I cannot get the price I am comfotable I dun get it ( from them )


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