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Thread: Reflect or not to Reflect..

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    Default Reflect or not to Reflect..

    Hi all, need some advise... I'm doing a photoshoot for some frens this sat and was wondering whether or not I should use a reflector... I do not have a proper one but intend to get one of those car sunshades with the aluminium shiny surface which i've seen some ppl use b4...

    Also I made my own DIY ringflash which was posted on one of the threads here and it seems to work fine for me..,

    So my ques is, should I use either the reflector or the ringflash for my potrait shoot?? Or should i consider using both?? Please take note that my "equipment" are either DIY or some alternative and not the actual stuff coz I'm a cheapo!!! hahaha no la too ex for me to afford so many things for now so try to find alternatives first.

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    Default Re: Reflect or not to Reflect..

    The shiny sunshade will be knida harsh, a white styrofoam board will be cheap and good. A combo with your diy ringlight will be good.


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