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    I know this sounds stupid but I am a noob. I need to print an 8R photo but I already resized the image to 800px x 536px with dpi of 300. I know 8R photo needs at least 3000px for the longer side. So if I were to resize the image size back to 3000px x 2010px, is it still ideal for printing in 8R? I always thought that once you downsize your photo and you upsize it back, it will makes a lot of difference. Urgent help!

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    JPG? If yes, resizing back to the original size will loose a lot of resolution.
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    Never mind. It's solved. I will never downsize my photos ever again unless im uploading it up on web or for printing.

    I have another question. How do you determine what kind of photo paper (matt or glossy etc) to use? What are the type they used for gallery?


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