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Thread: Water Sculpture (first few attempts)

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    Default Water Sculpture (first few attempts)

    After watching the "Time Warp" on Discovery Channel, it came across in photographing water droplets in colours. I was impressed and wanted to give it a try.
    I search it up at youtube to see how it was done and it requires alot of lights.
    Since very low in budget and wouldn't want to waste electricity(bill high already)
    i made up a simple set up. I used a different colour transparent paper to give the colours.
    then an aluminium tray and a paper infront with a hole at the back where i can place the flash.
    i cover the front with the colour transparent paper and put another colour as the base. I used a normal container and fill it with water to the brim. Another approached was i coloured the water with colour dyes.
    my setting was 1/500 f28 iso 200 and the flash was at 1/2.
    another setting was 1/500 f/9 and flash at 1/6 due to lighting conditions.

    here are my takes.
    *you can actually see the paper at the BG. kind of crumpled.




    NikonD40/D200 | flickr

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    Default Re: Water Sculpture (first few attempts)




    if there is any tips do share too.
    NikonD40/D200 | flickr

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    Default Re: Water Sculpture (first few attempts)

    Oh, they are beautiful! The addition of colour transparencies made it more interesting

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    Default Re: Water Sculpture (first few attempts)

    care to share what method u use to drop the water from the top.

    i was also tried some water drops few days back, but they are failures. yr series is nice.

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    Default Re: Water Sculpture (first few attempts)

    hey hey great efforts!
    Keep it up! The use of colours are great, keep experimenting!
    Already abused my D40 and D80 for my flickr


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